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The In’s and Out’s of Spring Cleaning with Dickstein Associates

by kcarlson


Nothing is better than ditching the sweaters and gloves for a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, but spring cleaning doesn’t only happen to our wardrobes. This year, make sure your spring cleaning to-do list includes some of these overlooked tips which may help you prevent a loss this season.

Hanging Around the Home

  •  Check ALL smoke alarm batteries and make sure they are functioning properly
  •  Thoroughly clean  every square inch of your home to kill all the winter germs
  •  Organize all personal belongings and make an accurate mental or physical inventory – that way you know exactly what you own and where it is
  • Replace ALL air condition filters –this will efficient and allergy free air flow
  • Throw out all expired food items
  • Inspect and clean the fireplace
Make sure you have all the supplies to need to make sure you have the cleanest house on the block!

TIP: Make a list of cleaning products and tools you will need in order to complete your spring cleaning to prevent multiple trips to the store.

Relaxing in the Yard

  •  Clean out your gutters, making sure they are free of leaves, branches, etc.
  • Accident proof your property –clean all path ways, fill holes, and if your property is fenced in make sure it is in good condition
  • Make repairs to damaged window screens
  • Look for mold
  • Have the roof repaired if there are any missing shingles
  • Drain any sediment in your water heater
  • Clean and condition your grill
  • Check your sprinkler system
  • Finally, plant your favorite spring flowers to give your home that fresh spring look


Remember, when making big repairs to your property this spring it is always best to hire professional help. At Dickstein Associates we work closely with each of our clients to understand their unique needs.  Whether it’s your car, home, or business, you deserve a personalized insurance plan, reviewed by a professional independent agent and best suited to protecting your lifestyle and future success.  Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation and quote.


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