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NJ Utility Lines Insurance Coverage for only $30

by KLP

The repair or replacement of underground service lines on residential property is very likely the homeowners responsibility.  Standard NJ homeowner insurance policies do not cover these costs.

Optional Buried Utility Lines Coverage on Travelers NJ Homeowner policy costs as little as $30 annually.  That’s much less than most utility companies who may charge as much as $25 per month.  Travelers’ insures the expense for damage to underground utility pipes and wires such.  This includes Water Piping, Steam Piping, Sewer Piping, Drain Piping, Power Lines, Fiber Optic Lines, Cable Lines & Sprinkler Piping. Coverage typically includes line leaks, breaks, tears, ruptures, collapses or arcs.  Coverage pays for damage to the utility line, excavation costs & expediting expenses to make the repairs.

Call us today and ask about Buried Utility Lines Coverage now available on Travelers new Quantum Home 2.0 NJ Homeowner Insurance product.

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