International and
Foreign Specialty Coverages


Expanding your business overseas can be a very exciting move as a business owner. Whether you are increasing your foreign trade or are launching an international office, it’s important to keep in mind that as you evolve your commercial presence abroad, you open the door to a whole new set of risks.

Although you may feel confident in your current commercial insurance package, keep in mind that particular, more specific risks that may affect you overseas are not typically covered by your domestic policy.

At Dickstein Associates Agency, LLC we can help you custom-build an international / foreign commercial insurance package that addresses the various unexpected risk exposures you may face abroad. Our specialized risk insurance can be tailored to fit your unique needs, and may include:

Your business is your greatest investment, why allow it to remain unprotected? Trust the experts who have dedicated themselves to protecting you and your business venture. Contact Dickstein Associates Agency, LLC to learn more about our inclusive, comprehensive international / foreign risks insurance program—and how it can better safeguard your commercial future.

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