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Providing Tailored Insurance Solutions for Your Home

How responsive Homeowners insurance for many may only become clear after a loss. That’s because there’s a great deal of misconception and confusion around the amount of coverage homeowners should be purchasing. A recent study, in fact, revealed that many owners don’t understand how to calculate the coverage amount for their home, which could result in being significantly underinsured in the event of a catastrophe, or even overpaying for more coverage than they need. Some also don’t realize that neither flood or earthquake damage is covered under a Homeowners policy.

That’s where we come in. The insurance professionals at Dickstein Associates Agency will evaluate your needs and discuss the amount and type of coverage you need to protect your home against property damage and liability risks. We’ll review how replacement cost coverage on the dwelling and your personal property works so you’re properly insured. We will also discuss your liability exposures to determine not only how your Homeowners insurance will respond but also the need for additional limits via a Personal Umbrella policy.  If you are forced to move to a temporary location due to a covered loss, we will make sure coverage for additional living expenses is available to kick in and help pay for the costs of a hotel or rental and related expenses.

Beyond the Basic Homeowners Policy

If you own a high-value home, this will require a specialty program with insurers that understand what is needed to provide you with the right protection. Many insurance companies in addition to specialty coverages also provide risk-mitigation services for high-value homes.

High-value items such as jewelry, heirlooms and collectibles require special coverage that goes beyond what a basic Homeowners policy provides. Depending on where your home is located you will also need Flood and perhaps even Earthquake insurance.  

Just as no two homes are alike, no two policies are the same. Our staff will tailor your Homeowners insurance to fit your needs and risk profile.

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