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As your trusted New Jersey insurance agents, we know that finding the most reliable and effective New Jersey health insurance, life insurance and various other specialized coverage plans isn’t easy—precisely why we want to be on your side, fighting to get you the complete coverage you deserve.

It is nearly impossible to live without health insurance these days—not to mention the critical need to plan for one’s future with customized life insurance, disability coverage, long term care and beyond. With the rising costs associated with preparing for your future, it’s understandable that so many get overwhelmed throughout the insurance process. At Dickstein Associates Agency, LLC we strive to be your insurance ally—providing you with the personalized attention you deserve and the high quality coverage you need.

Choosing and providing your family with a solid insurance plan isn’t any easier—it’s one of the most important decisions you will make. The health of your children is imperative, as is your own well-being to make sure that they’re taken care of the right way. Proactively preparing for their futures, whether it’s planning for college or determining how you will break up your assets and estate, it’s important that you have an expert coverage leader to guide you.

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