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Disability Income to Help Keep Your Lifestyle Going

You take the time to insure your home, cars, business, health and life. But what happens if you become ill or injured and are not able to return to work for a period of time? Do you have the safety net to continue to pay the bills, protect your family and maintain your lifestyle and everything you’ve worked so hard to obtain? Individual Disability insurance helps you by protecting your ability to earn an income.

At Dickstein Associates Agency, we offer Disability plans specifically tailored to your unique situation. 

Who Needs Disability Insurance?

One out of four Americans will be disabled for three or more months throughout their careers, according to the U.S. Social Security Administration. The disability could be as result of a back injury or a chronic illness like cancer or a sudden event like a car accident that interrupts your ability to work short or long-term. It can be hard to make living expenses or pay down debt, never mind set money aside for the future. Whether you work part- or full-time, are a stay-at-home spouse or companion, your income is worth protecting.

Disability Income insurance provides you with the safeguard you need should you become sick or have an accident. Even if you have Disability insurance through your workplace, coverage may be limited and may not provide you with the income you need to meet your obligations. Or, perhaps you’re in a highly specialized field, such as the medical profession and need coverage that will be suited to your occupation. If you are self-employed, having this safety net is also critical for your peace of mind.

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Close the Income Gap 

Disability Insurance is available with short- and long-term plans. You can choose plans with benefits that last two years, five years, to retirement age or for the rest of your life. Plus when you purchase your own Disability policy, you’ll have coverage even if you change jobs or go out on your own.

We work with top-tier, financially strong insurers to offer individual Disability Insurance. We can provide plans that provide you with the ability to purchase additional coverage to keep in step with income increases in the future without having to go through additional medical or occupational underwriting, inflation protection to keep pace with cost-of-living increases, a specialized definition of total disability designed for physicians and dentists, and more.

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