Safeguarding your assets is critical
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General Liability Insurance for a More Secure Tomorrow

Our experienced professionals at Dickstein Associates Agency will help you weather potential liability exposures and financial loss by protecting your business with a robust General Liability program that addresses your unique business exposures. Liability risks abound from many different sources, including customer and vendor slips and falls on your premises, injuries or damages incurred as a result of using goods or services sold on-premises, unclear contractual obligations, and allegations of libel or slander, for example.

What’s Covered Under a General Liability Policy

General Liability insurance typically covers the costs of your legal defense and will pay on your behalf damages if you are found liable—up to the limits of your policy. It’s indeed among the most important insurance products your business will purchase due to the negative impact a lawsuit can have on your finances and reputation. The policy provides coverage for:

Depending on your specific operation, additional coverages can be added such as Pollution Liability, Liquor Liability, and Products Liability/Product Recall, among others. In addition, we recommend extending the limits in your General Liability policy with an Excess & Umbrella policy, particularly important in today’s litigious environment.

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Beyond a General Liability Policy

Businesses providing professional services should also carry Professional Liability insurance. This coverage is designed to offer protection in the event a customer experiences a financial damage due to an error or omission in providing professional services.

Dickstein Associates Agency also provides many other forms of Liability coverages including Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) to protect against employee allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful firing, and other related workplace disputes; Directors & Officers (D&O) insurance to protect executives and board members against management liability-related lawsuits; and more.

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