Your coastal home insurance
is on solid ground with us.

Securing Coverage for Your Waterfront Property

Owners of coastal homes are fortunate to have the ocean as their front yard – or at least nearby. But with this incredible fortune comes the risk of property damage due to wind, water, flooding, storms, hurricanes, nor’easters, and severe weather. As a result, coastal homeowners typically have very limited insurance options due to their exposures, with many insurance companies either not offering coverage or scaling back on limits and policy terms. We see this on the East Coast and in Florida with homes in the eye of the storm.

Because of our 55 years of experience, expertise and market access, at Dickstein Associates Agency we are able to secure coverage for coastal residents. We understand your needs and how to best address them. Whether you own a home on the Jersey Shore, in South Hampton or in Miami, we’ve got markets to provide you with Property and Liability insurance. Policies can be designed to cover losses affecting the dwelling, its contents, loss of use, loss of rental income and loss of personal possessions (for those renting out their homes), and personal liability.

Customized Coverage to Suit Your Needs

With our network of A-rated insurers, we can obtain competitive coverage for your coastal property. We insure everything from family homes to high-value waterfront houses and coastal secondary homes with tailored insurance programs. Available coverage includes:

Locations We Serve

New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan and Utah.