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Professional Liability Insurance for Lawsuit Protection

Your reputation is everything – among one of the hallmarks of your thriving firm. Your clients rely on you and your staff’s expertise and experience and the work you perform on their behalf. But things can go wrong when providing professional services. One oversight or an error can be costly if it causes financial damage to a client. For architects and engineers, this could be a project delay that costs the client thousands of dollars. A tech company can be sued for a software error that caused its customer to lose one of its clients. Mistakes occurring with burials or when transferring and selling cemetery plots or parcels can be the source of lawsuits for cemetery owners.

This is where Dickstein Associates Agency and our Professional Liability insurance coverage step in.

What Professional Liability Insurance Covers

Professional Liability insurance is designed for clients that provide professional services or advice. It provides defense coverage and liability indemnity when a firm is sued for alleged or actual errors and omissions in providing professional services. It’s important to remember that a General Liability policy does not provide coverage for losses related to professional services.

Businesses that should purchase Professional Liability (also known as Errors & Omissions) insurance include:

Even if a lawsuit is meritless, the cost alone to defend it is worth having Professional Liability coverage as part of your comprehensive insurance program.

In addition, just as no two professions are alike, it’s important to work with insurance professionals that understand what exposures need to be covered in your policy. That’s why so many clients look to us at Dickstein Associates Agency to insure them.

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