Injury Liability

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Personal injury liability insurance protects you as a business owner from lawsuits filed over issues like defamation, libel and slander. It also commonly covers issues regarding false arrest, unlawful imprisonment and spiteful prosecution. Claims made against you or your business, in regards to an invasion of privacy, is also commonly covered.

As a professional business owner, how can personal injury liability, enhance your current commercial insurance package?

Various professions deal with privacy matters on a consistent basis. For example, a doctor or pharmacist who reveals personal medical information can be sued for personal injury by their client. Even an employee who shares confidential information about their company, or who violates a privacy agreement, could face personal injury claims.

Personal injury liability works much like your typical insurance coverage. Your premium is set based on the likelihood or potential that a significant lawsuit may be filed against the insured. With a variety of liability issues and risk exposures already posing threats to your business, why allow your company to remain vulnerable to yet another potential hazard?

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