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Travel Accident Insurance

Are the employees of your New Jersey business covered on business trips?

Employees of your business may be asked to travel as part of their job description. Do you, as a business owner, provide them with insurance coverage during these journeys? If you do not have business travel accident insurance, then your employees are not covered. If you do, have you reviewed your coverage lately?

Dickstein Associates Agency, LLC can provide your business with New Jersey travel accident insurance. Travel accident insurance will cover your employees (and in some cases their dependents) in case of accident, injury, etc. Typical policies will cover the following, but are not limited to:

  • Loss of life
  • Loss of limb, sight, hearing, etc.
  • Weekly income replacement
  • Medical expenses

How would your business operate smoothly if one of your top employees gets hurt during travel? It only makes sense to cover your employees with travel accident insurance; you never know what could happen. Contact the agents at Dickstein Associates Agency, LLC today for more information on New Jersey business travel accidents policies and get a free quote by filling out the form above!